Sherpa Strength's Customer Testimonials

Afiq (age 20) - Singapore

My name is Robert, I am using Sherpa-Strength and having it now for about 3 months. At age 76, my knees and upper body were getting weaker, and just per normal progression of getting older, I supposed.

And I was exercising 30 minutes a day, I have been now for about 3 years or 5 years. And 30 minutes a day has become harder and harder. So I cut back on that, but now since using this, I'm able to exercise more easily, using the treadmill and doing some upper body exercises. And, my knees are stronger, I live in a three storey house and now I can go up and down the stairs without holding with the handrails more easily.

I've been using this product about three months now, and I plan to continue till I can run, at least, till I can run two miles and 30 minutes. When I started out using this product, as your information said, there was a warming in my joints and so on, and I noticed this in my feet, and it started there and has continued down into hips and torso area. I feel very comfortable using the treadmill everyday - that I used it going from about 130 miles to one three quaters miles for years, I am able now to run at 4 miles an hour for about 10 minutes.

My knees especially my joints, and my feet, my hips, and shoulders less problem. I figured that as I increase in strength, the joints and bones absorbs less stress, I think that's what's happened. So, my muscles are growing stronger, and I have used it over the first several weeks and it just very comforting to have and the upper body work out has now began. And another thing, a firmness in my legs, and I expect that firmness in my upper arms and shoulders. My diet is good, my speed is increasingly sound and I am very happy with the product. Why not continue to use as time goes on? I think that it is probably the best product that India Herbs has for me at my age. And I began using another product too that India Herbs manufactures. There is a great satisfaction and I will leave an audio testimonial to talk about that. Thanks.

Robert (age 76) - Kentucky, USA

Yeah, this Winchester from Japan, that is where I am living. I think every human being or a man, because of the man, I would say man needs some natural herbs that would keep the body strong and keep seeing or moving very well. I am talking about the Sherpa Strength, if I am talking about the Sherpa Strength then; it means you need some natural herbs that make you moved, although you're growing, although your age is increasing.

And I came across this company called India Herbs, I really, really appreciate this company. I really loved it and they really have all these good natural herbs in their stuffs, they have all these plantations that really make me choose them. So I try to order two boxes of Kama Raja for male virility, that was really perfect choice, it's really, really tremendous. If I would say, it was good, there are no side effects. You know it's really keep me eat, I can see some improvement in my ejaculation control, it stamina to improve, it increases my sexual pleasure. It makes me, you know love to have sex.

As a man, you need to know! So I really love this medicine, and thank you very much, having these perfect natural herbs. And I think any man can try it, there is no bad, for sure, it's really, really tremendous and perfect medicine. Thank you.

Winchester (age 31) - Konganei, Japan